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Over 20 years of expertise in camps marketing

At Camps Partners, effective and personalized camps marketing is our passion. We are a small, local and unique team of brand creators and accelerators. We specialize in highly effective, impactful and creative marketing for Summer Camps from all over the world.


We are a nimble, passionate and highly-focused team, led by camp and marketing professionals. Owing to our unique professional backgrounds, we have a strong understanding of the needs of today’s operating a camp and are adept at identifying and maximizing a camp’s full potential. We assist camps, small and large, by taking an all-encompassing approach to marketing that builds brand awareness, accelerates and improves client development and strategically targets business goals.

20 Years of experience in Camps Marketing.

Through our continuous support and guiding, summer camps have reached top organic results and increased their students enrolment by 200%.

Marketing Strategy

Our tailored approach is 100% targeted on camp/ school marketing and it’s specific requirements.

Design & Web Design

Ranges from refreshing your existing business card to the development of a full new camp website with top SEO.

Newsletter Solutions

Newsletter management including strategy, writing, design and publishing for more camp awareness and requests.

Funnel Optimization

Improving the engagement process with interested new families for higher enrolment rates.

Video Productions

Professional video productions including scenario development, filming, post production and delivery.

Ads Management

Campaigns via Facebook, Instagram and Google to generate inquiries and optimize the conversions.

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Your Advisors

Camps Partners combines the best talents, technology and service your camp needs to achieve great results. 20 years of camp marketing experience and lessons learned that we love to pass on to any camp around the world.


Consultant in digital marketing for camps since 15 years. Co-Founder of and


Creative, Tech & Strategy


Director of a camp welcoming +5000 campers and schools per year during 5 years. Co-Founder of and




Over 6 years of experience in advising and recruiting students. Bringing a lot of fresh ideas to optimise enrolment funnels.


Admissions Specialist


Great designs and brilliant interactions are both key to keeping Livia enthusiastic throughout each project.




Passionate filmmaker. When not riding any kind of board, he is producing incredibly great promotional videos for camps all over the globe.




Managing over 4mio of ads budget per month, he is passionate about measurable performance and return on investment.


Ads Specialist

We have 20 years experience in consultancy

Specific and extended experience in camps marketing with great results.

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